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Sound Designer

Hi! I'm a sound designer based in Pittsburgh, passionate about creating immersive soundscapes for video games. I've been working on game audio since 2017, making sound effects, ambiences, and music for a variety of genres!

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Sound Design Reel

I utilized Reaper and Cubase to fully re-design audio from Hi-Fi Rush, Dark Souls 3, Apex Legends, and Gundam Battlefield Record UC 0081.

Wwise/Unreal 4 Implementation Reel

In this demo reel, I used Wwise to implement sound effects and systems into an Unreal 4 Demo Game, ranging from footstep systems to dynamic music.

Below is the music I composed for this demo using Cubase. 
The structure is: A1 - B1 - A2 - B2 - B3. 

The A sections and B sections are set up so the chords at the beginning and end of each section will always transition seamlessly. I also tried to create contrasts between the heavy rock-like sections and the more serene piano and synth sections to provide a varied sound palette for the player. The track below is the full version of the music with all of the layers activated that players would hear when they reached the third wave in the game. 

Sound Design Reel

In this demo, I took clips from Slime Rancher, Until You Fall, and Dragon Quest Builders 2, scrubbed the audio, and created new sound effects and ambience for each video. I mainly used Reaper to create the audio assets, but for Dragon Quest Builders I used BeepBox to create retro sounding sound effects as well. 


Recent Music Compositions
Made with Cubase

Tokaido Cityscape.jpg

Tokaido Grooves, 2023

A piece which mixes pop elements with traditional Japanese instruments and sounds. Composed for an action game stage BGM.


Fantasy in D, 2023

An orchestral piece with a narrative structure, composed for a cutscene in a fantasy game.



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