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AAA First-Person RPG developed in Unreal 4 + 5

Skills: Unreal 4+ 5, Unreal Blueprints, Wwise, Sound Design

Software: Wwise, Unreal Engine 4 + 5, Reaper

Plugins: Soundtoyz Suite, Fabfilter

From January to August of 2022, I was a sound design intern at Obsidian Entertainment working on the upcoming RPG title, Avowed. 

My main responsibilities were:

Creating and maintaining interactive sound effect systems in Wwise

  • Created a dynamic footstep system which matched sound effects to the terrain a player is currently traversing.​

  • Implemented a blend-container based system which adjusts the speed at which a footstep's heel and toe sound effects would play to match player actions such as crouching and sprinting

Creating and implementing combat and spell sound effects in collaboration with the design team

  • Designed and implemented multiple combat and spell sound effects matched to animations using anim notifies and RTPCs.​

Creating and implementing stage ambiences using emitters, splines, and volumes

  • Created ambient nature sounds such as wind, water, foliage, and animal cries​

  • Implemented ambience for coasts and rivers using spline emitters

  • Created and implemented room tones for structures and dungeons using volumes

Liaising with QA team to debug audio issues

  • Used Wwise Profiler to identify and troubleshoot bugs in audio​

  • Tested levels with Wwise Profiler to make sure all audio conformed to mix standard.

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