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A visual novel style cybersecurity game developed in Unity.

Skills: Unity, Sound Design, Music Composition

Project Overview

C.A.L.Y.P.S.O is a web-based RPG, cybersecurity game developed in Unity which leverages principles of transformational game design and self-efficacy design to promote positive cybersecurity behavior change in players.

I was the sound designer and music composer for this project, providing sound effects and music for all of the scenes.

My sound design and music followed a 3-step feedback loop to support the educational game design of this project.

1. Welcome Players into Scenario

Players are initially presented with a pleasant, simple soundscape to ease them into the scenario. The purpose is to lower the barriers for them to engage with the game, and provide a comfortable atmosphere for players to settle into.

Home Sweet Home

Your home is a place of peace and comfort...or is it? Composed in a chill, lo-fi vibe, its peaceful tone is designed to accentuate the impact of when things take a dark turn...

The Flowershop

The Flowershop serves as a one of the main scenes, and the music serves to enhance its relaxed, serene atmosphere. Nothing could go wrong here, right?

2. Sudden Shift in Tone

Cyberattacks can happen anywhere though, even in places you think are safe...
The peaceful atmosphere built up in step 1 serves to accentuate the tone shift that occurs when a cyberattack begins, conveying the serious nature of your situation.

Things Amiss

When this music starts playing, you'll know things are getting a bit spooky... Composed with 5 layers of intensity, the music will dynamically adapt itself based on your choices...

3. Cheer On the Player!

After the initial shock of the cybersecurity, the music transitions to the third phase, encouragement. As educational material on how you can better protect yourself online is provided to the player, the music shifts to an upbeat, positive track designed to motivate players to face and overcome the challenge.


Security UP!

Don't worry though, you're not alone in this fight! This BGM is designed to encourage and cheer on players as they learn the cybersecurity methods to remain safe on the internet.

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