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These are some of the pieces I've composed over the last few years.


This piece is my most recent work, composed after my visit to the ETC. There were three things I wanted to try with this composition. First, I wished to incorporate Japanese instruments and sounds. Second, I explored ways in which I could combine vastly different sections of music in a coherent manner to create a sense of narrative. Lastly, I tried to infuse more energy and power into my music which tends to be rather delicate and sensitive. I found the Japanese instruments such as the Shakuhachi, Shamisen, and Taiko to be surprisingly comfortable to work with, and combining them with voice and European instruments was quite enjoyable. I decided to reuse the theme from Song of the Vale because I thought up of a fun variation that I really wanted to include.



I decided to write this piece after listening to a woodwind ensemble. I was fascinated by how woodwind instruments could create depth and distance in music through minute adjustments in volume and resonance. Using this characteristic, I tried creating a piece that would create different atmospheres through the same melody. For example, the middle and lower family of woodwinds such as the clarinet and bassoon give the melody an earthly, pastoral feel while the upper family like the flute and oboe create a more austere, serene mood. That, combined with changes in accompaniment and phrasing, allowed me to explore ways of expressing different ideas through the same melody. The combination of pastoral and ethereal elements evoked an image of a valley, hence the title of the piece.


There are few things I dread more than the sound of my morning alarm. This piece was an attempt by me to make my mornings slightly more bearable, by designing an alarm song that was annoying enough to wake me up, but endearing enough to soothe any ill will. The upper electronic melody infuses energy into the piece, while the two middle tones provide a fuller sound pallet. Finally, the woodblock emulates the ticking of a clock, while the drums imitate what I sound like when I fall out of bed realizing I hit snooze one too many times.


I was inspired to write this piece after working with some violinists and vocalists. Aside from including multiple active melodies that one can often find in chamber music, I also tried to emulate the fluidity that my fellow musicians had displayed during our performances. The tenor provides weight to the piece, which is counter-balanced by the ocarina's light, flowing melody. All the while, the harp provides a steady forward momentum.


This is the very first BGM I composed back in 2017 inspired by the student project Aer. I tried to capture the cuteness of the game's visual style as well as the challenges that would be faced by the players. The three parts of the piece each represent a different aspect of the game. The bass notes represent the player's foot steps as they make their way to the finish line, and remains steady and solid. The accordion like melody fluctuates to represent the player's emotions as they play. It begins in major, and evokes a positive mood. However, as the game becomes more difficult and the obstacles more frequent, the melody shifts to minor. However, in the end the player overcomes the challenges to finally make it to the end. The upper bell notes are meant to express curiosity, the ever forward moving aspect that drives both the music and the player forward.


Ravel Prelude and Toccata

Chopin Etude Op.10 No.1

Scarlatti Sonata in B minor

Scarlatti Sonata in G Major

Brahms Violin Sonata No.3



Yuji Sato

I am a pianist and composer based in Boston. I perform mostly classical piano works, but I am interested in composing a variety of styles ranging from electronic to video game music. What I enjoy most about composing is incorporating the bits of music I come across everyday into my own style, and broadening the scope and possibilities of my music.

I studied Economics and Music Performance at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and participated in music festivals at Brevard and Bowdoin.




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